"I like the way that the nature of the metal changes when you heat it,
the shapes that can be drawn out of a flat piece of copper, every piece containing within itself almost limitless possibilities, given enough imagination & just waiting for the flame & hammer to bring them out. Seeing the shape appear gradually, with each heating & reworking, learning how the copper moves with each hammer-blow, sensing when it has become work-hardened & will split & fail if not re-heated, is inwardly very satisfying.


When all the work is finished, when all the tools are laid aside, in my hands is something that did not exist before. It is totally unique, never seen by anyone. 

And I made it.  That is a feeling almost impossible to better."

A large proportion of my work is done on a commission basis. I am happy to produce any work to your exact requirements and budget.

All pieces on my site are 'For Sale' prices will be given on request.